Your instructor may request you write an essay on a history essay topic to gauge your understanding of the particular concept. When writing this type of writing, ensure that you don’t confuse with research easily. They differ in their structure and length.

A history essay may take 5 to 6 pages with double-spaced typing. They may contain a question on a topic you have studied in class. Your tutor may give a question with a familiar quote and request you to make a short history essay.

Here is the history essay example:

Implicitly and explicitly, the thought and activities of humans in the c. 1050 and c. 1350 were shaped by the two forces: the temptation and pressure f of the materialistic world, which was manifested by economic progress. On the other hand, the deep belief in the need to aspire to more spiritual life. As manifested by increasing charity through the social change

With the above quote in mind, I would like you to craft an essay discussing the conflicts and identity creation addressed during c.1050-1550. Your answer will depend on your opinion or image of during the period.

Tips for writing a history essay

  • Pay attention to the quote

Quotations are common features in the history essay. You will find them either at the beginning or toward the end of the question. Some students may assume the quotation. It is an important part of the history essay that needs attention while writing the answer.

  • Read from the classwork before writing

Your instructor may give a European history essay assignment some days after classwork. Before writing your work, go back to your reading materials and get more information on the topic. If you have a history extended essay guide, read through it to get more insight on how you should write your work.

  • Read the instruction keenly

If you fail to get the instruction correctly, chances are you will write an irrelevant essay. Reading through the instruction should be the first thing to do before you begin writing. Note down all the important points that will guide you while trying to answer the essay question.

  • Ask for help on topics you don’t understand

To avoid writing irrelevant essays, ask what you need to write about. Your tutor should help you understand the question and explain the guideline to follow in your essay.

  • Outline your essay

It isn’t easy to write an essay without an outline. The outline will guide your point and keep you on track with the structure. Without an outline, you may forget essential points or miss out on the proper essay structure.

  • Make your introduction captivating

The first paragraphs are explaining to you essay should be captivating. The reader should feel the need to go through your work and feel the relevance of your topic. It should be clear and precise to introduce your reader to work.

  • Provided detailed explanation of your body

The body is the main part of your essay, which needs to carry the bulkiness of your work. You should reflect all your main points in this section. Have each idea in its paragraph and organize your work to have a flow.

To make your essay rich, explain your points by giving relevant examples. Your relevant examples should support your essay to make it valid and rich.

  • Check on the word count

Check on the word count and follow them accordingly. Most essays may be around ten pages of written work.


If you are struggling to write your history assignment, find a short example of a history essay online to guide your through. With enough practice, you gain experience in writing this type of you continue writing you minimize errors and perfect you skill.

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